Iyke and Shirley Iroaku

(Project Coordinators)

Welcome to God First Foundation previously operating as God First Outreach Organisation

We appreciate your time in visiting the domain of God First Foundation, previously operating as God First Outreach Organisation, as the name implies, is basically about putting God’s ideals and plan for humankind first. In other words, the zeal of putting or applying the creator’s ideals first, motivated us and our partners to reach out to the suffering masses with a heart of Godly compassion.

God First Foundation is operating as a public-private partnership organization focusing on missionary networking services and social development networking services.

God First Foundation is missionary oriented in the sense that members, partners, and well-wishers have a heart.[Read More]

Start with a Little

Sacrificial giving, a principle for prosperity isn’t all about about how huge you give but what it will cost you to give what you plan to give, go ahead and start with the little you have.

Our Values

We work with these values in mind, working hard within them.


We strive for equality for disadvantaged people in the society from impoverished communities.


One of our topmost value is to ensure there’s sincerity among our team members in every endeavor.


We do our best to do everything we do in love because we believe without love, all our effort is in vain


Our donors are appreciated in an excellent manner even to the extent of interceding for them in prayers.

God First Foundation Online Shop

Each time you make a purchase, God First Foundation will donate a portion of the value of that purchase to one of our charities.