Iyke and Shirley Iroaku

(Project Coordinators)


We appreciate your time in visiting the domain of God First Foundation, previously operating as God First Outreach Organisation, as the name implies, is basically about putting God’s ideals and plan for humankind first. In other words, the zeal of putting or applying the creator’s ideals first, motivated us and our partners to reach out to the suffering masses with a heart of Godly compassion.

God First Foundation is operating as a public-private partnership organization focusing on missionary networking services and social development networking services.

God First Foundation is missionary oriented in the sense that members, partners, and well-wishers have a heart of giving themselves selflessly since even the creator has a missionary heart. Hearts filled with compassion for the suffering and the lost. (Evangelism)

God First Foundation is also socially oriented as we focus or seeks to bring God’s love in WORD into WORK in the sense of seeking to uplift and alleviate suffering, as a channel of sustainable development in the communities we outreach addressing the immediate needs of the vulnerable ones. (Benevolence)

Our networking services are more of channelling, linking up connecting and exposing humanity to do good works which are the key to effective cooperative community caring and looking out for each other.


God First Foundation in view of our past projects which mostly involves a donation of school uniforms, Groceries, food, and clothing, has decided to lunch a change which is constant “Not only to give them fish but also to teach the concerned on how to fish” through various mind-changing programs and projects mainly focusing on the vulnerable Youths and children and mostly orphans and other child-headed families living in our community.

On this note, we decided to join hands in the on-going campaign as a public private partnership organisation which seeks to be inter-denominational, inter racial without borders, reaching out to every grassroots in order to be able to beat back the causes and effects of poverty.


The vision of God First Foundation to alleviate poverty in our communities today is to continue to engage, monitor, and distribute AID, information, and provision of sustainable skills development and training support services to the grassroots.

God First Foundation believe in reaching across the needy, voiceless agonized populace and be a source of material help and support to unemployed and unskilled, abused children and orphans and the elderly among our community. We believe to be socially relevant and also be a vehicle of economic empowerment, an upholder and exemplar of moral core family values


God First Foundation join hands in the on-going campaign as a public-private partnership organization having room for different programs and projects targeting the most vulnerable communities through the following outlined Poverty alleviation and humanitarian response projects:

  • Expose and give people a chance to receive the gospel wherever and whenever.
  • Provision of food parcels and other security relief packages to the most vulnerable communities.
  • Provision of basic HIV/AIDS and other terminal diseases awareness campaign.
  • Provision of sustainable skills development and entrepreneurship training support services to the most vulnerable communities.
  • Provision of awareness programs on Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) (Act No.130 of 1993) and Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to farmworkers and other rural community workers.
  • Provision of housing and accommodation benefits to indigent people.
  • Provision of awareness intervention programs around the escalation of based gender violence.

Start with a Little

Sacrificial giving, a principle for prosperity isn’t all about about how huge you give but what it will cost you to give what you plan to give, go ahead and start with the little you have.